RFK Jr Reveals What We Already Know About Biden 

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. blasted President Joe Biden’s records while adding that the president can’t have an “unscripted conversation.”

Kennedy made the remark in an interview on NewsNation’s show “Cuomo’  where he also discussed his poll numbers and confidence as the 2024 presidential election heats up.

“I think we also have the weakest two candidates running for president that we’ve had in history … I don’t like to make predictions but if I had to bet money I would put the money on me and not on President Biden, President Trump,” Kenedy said. What is a President Biden gonna do? He can’t debate me. He can’t have an unscripted conversation or encounter with voters. And he’s losing to President Trump right now by eight or nine points.”

Kennedy has been tagged as one of the independent candidates who can draw voters away from Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Host Chris Cuomo asked the 2024 hopeful how he intends to shake that tag off. 

“Well, my numbers now are, you know as you pointed out there, the most recent poll has me at 24 percent. That’s the New York Times Siena poll, which is the gold standard poll. So my momentum is building. You know, there were two polls over the past three weeks that had me at 22%,” Cuomo said. “This most recent one has me at 24. I’m beating President Biden and President Trump among young people — people under 45. I beat them both. I beat them by 10 points on average – people under 36. I’ve got — I’m beating them with Independent voters decisively. So I, you know, I’m in a better place now than any Independent candidate in history for 100 years. The last person who was in this strong a position was Teddy Roosevelt when he ran on the Bull Moose ticket.”

Kennedy initially began his 2024 campaign under the Democrat party, He was, however, forced to run an independent campaign after accusing the Democratic National Committee (DNC) of making rules that helps President Biden.