Ron Johnson Reveals What He Thinks Of Hunter’s Indictment 

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) on Friday revealed his displeasure at the Justice Department following Hunter Biden’s indictment.

Johnson, in an interview on Fox Business News, told host Larry Kudllow that the Justice Department’s probe into the first son has been corrupt from day one. 

“This investigation’s been corrupt from day one,” Johnson said. “We certainly knew most of what’s in this indictment. What I found stunning about the indictment is the listing of expenditures. $4.9 million over four years, that’s almost $20,000 a week. $3,300 a day. And $872,000 spent on women and adult entertainment, that’s over $4,000 a week and $600 a day.”

Johnson added that he was suspicious of the timing of the indictment given that it came just as Hunter was about to appear before the House.

“I’m also suspicious,” Johnson added. “The timing of this just as James Comer’s trying to bring Hunter Biden in for a transcribed interview. Obviously, Hunter’s trying to avoid that. So this’ll probably frustrate Chairman Comer’s attempt to get to the bottom of this as well.”

Johnson, however, insisted that the most important thing is for House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) and his committee to get the necessary documents to conduct their investigation.

“The most important thing in this investigation are documents and Chairman Comer, [House Ways and Means] Chairman [Jason] Smith, they had the whistleblowers, they were key, but we need documents,” Johnson said. “I don’t know exactly what kind of resistance they’re getting in terms of getting all the bank records. Senator Grassley and I had the Treasury reports, showed all the suspicious activity, millions of dollars flowing from adversarial countries into this labyrinth of companies set up for money laundering. Money went in, where’d it all go?. We’re finding out it’s going to many members of the Biden family that did nothing other than have the right name. It’s been corrupt from the get go, and this investigation is as well.”

The DOJ indicted Hunter Biden on nine charges related to his failure to pay his taxes. The first son now faces at least 17 years in jail if found guilty of those charges.