See Republicans Fiery Reaction To Biden’s Latest Game

Republicans are criticizing President Joe Biden for what they described as the president using Hamas’s terrorist attack in Israel as a way to try and leverage aid for Ukraine.

Biden, in a Thursday evening speech, urged Congress to pass $100 billion in new funding for the war effort in Ukraine and Israel. The president also pushed for foreign aid to Gaza.

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH), in an X post, labeled the president’s attempt to tie the aid together as disgusting. 

“What Biden is doing is disgusting,” Vance wrote on X. “He’s using dead children in Israel to sell his disastrous Ukraine policy to skeptical Americans. They are not the same countries, they are not the same problems, and this effort to use Israel for political cover is offensive. Hell no.”

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) maintained that Biden should be announcing sanctions on Gaza and Iran and not trying to connect appropriations for both countries in one package.

“Biden should announce he is freezing $6 billion for Iran, halting aid to Gaza, placing sanctions on Iranian oil, and firing Jake Sullivan. He should not be tying aid to Israel with aid to Ukraine, or the border,” Blackburn wrote.

Arizona Republican senate candidate Kari Lake sent out a press release blasting the president for his reckless pursuit of war in Ukraine. 

“Biden’s unbridled pursuit of war in Ukraine is wrong, dangerous, and has nothing to do with the crisis he created on our southern border, as well as our need to support Israel NOW,” Lake wrote in the statement.

Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) sent a letter —cosigned by seven other Senate Republicans— to Biden, warning the president that he would be risking a government shutdown by tying aid packages to Ukraine and Israel together.

“My colleagues and I firmly believe that any aid to Israel should not be used as leverage to send tens of billions more dollars to Ukraine,” the letter read. “These are two separate conflicts at different stages and cannot be considered as a ‘package deal.’”