Shocking Discovery Made In Home Of Famous DJ

Rick Buchanan, a popular DJ known by the stage name “Slick Rick,” was found beheaded in his home on Wednesday by his brother, John Buchanan.

“I walked in and found him, and I just called 911,” John said in a statement to Fox13

He went on to describe the moment he discovered the heartbreaking scene.

“I thought his coat was up over his head like it was cold or something. I ran out and then I ran back in. And, then I realized it was something worse.”

According to The Sun, John said he went to his brother’s house after receiving a call from a neighbor. While he got there, he noticed unusual things, including the fact that the back door was open and his brother’s beloved dog, Lucky, was roaming the yard unattended.

John also said things changed for his brother in 2014 when he was shot outside of a club. It became hard for him to find work, leading to him losing his popularity and becoming more of a homeboy.

Daily Caller reports that The Memphis Police Department is investigating Rick’s death and seeking answers about what happened in his home on Wednesday night before his demise.

A GoFundMe was set up by Rick’s sister, Ashley Buchanan, in her brother’s honor on Thursday to help pay for funeral costs.

“If you knew Rick, you know he gave to anyone he could, friends, strangers, and charities,” the GoFundMe page notes. “He used his voice and personality to raise unthinkable amounts of money for others. He was also a champion of Memphis music and took pride in presenting, playing, and promoting local music at The Stage Stop.”

Rick’s other sister, Nina Makris, posted about his demise on Facebook.

“As some of you may know, my brother, Ricky, passed away,” she wrote. “He was found in his home today, but we won’t know the cause of death until the autopsy is complete. Thank you for the prayers for our family. He is now at peace and no longer has to fight his demons.”