Shokin Said Biden Was Protecting Hunter When He Had Him Fired

Former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin revealed that President Joe Biden was acting to protect his son when he pressured Ukrainian authorities to fire him.

Shokin made the revelation in a video now circulating on social media. The viral video is part of a clip identified as part of an investigative documentary, “Ukrainegate,” by Les Crises, a French site.

Shokin, Ukraine’s top prosecutor at the time, was fired in 2015 when Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid from Ukraine if the prosecutor wasn’t fired. 

Shokin was investigating Burisma for corruption and had begun seizing the company assets as his investigation progressed. Burisma, a Ukrainian energy firm, had Hunter Biden and Devon Archer on its board directors at the time Shokin was investigating the company.

Shokin maintains in the viral video that he believes Biden, who was vice president at the time, had him fired because his investigation was closing in on Hunter.

“We have to believe that Mr. Biden was told that we were going to start questioning his son and others, ” Shokin said. “ Archer and others. All involved in the Burisma case. And everyone understood very well that this fight was going to end badly for them.”

Shokin admitted that he is not accusing anyone of doing anything wrong due to a presumption of innocence in Ukraine. He, however, maintained that Joe Biden was aware of the dangers Hunter faced. 

“I am practically convinced that Biden had understood what was looming. We were advancing, me and my colleagues, and we were about to reach the outcome of this case. Having understood all this, Biden used all the unofficial means at his disposal,” Shokin said while speaking on his firing. 

Shokin revealed that investigators had begun looking at Burisma for violations it committed before they noticed that Hunter was on the board of directors. Shokin suggested that Hunter could possibly be involved in that violation. 

“Joe Biden had reason to fear that all this would eventually fall on his son,” Shokin concluded.