Son Of Hamas Founder Gives Dire Warning On Terror Group.

Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, warned that terror acts could spread around the world if Israel fails to defeat Hamas in Gaza.

Yousef, while speaking this week, maintained that other terror groups are watching how the world reacts to Hamas’ crimes and would attempt to steal from Hamas’ playbook if the terror group is not eliminated. Yousef added that Hamas will turn its eyes on the rest of the world if Israel fails.

“If Hamas is not defeated, if Hamas is not eradicated in Gaza, we will set the model, we will give the freedom to so many radical groups around the world,” he warned. “And this is just a warning. If you really care for the global security — and I speak of a person who was part of the counter-terrorism effort against radical Islamists — if Hamas is not defeated in Gaza, it will inspire many groups around the globe. They will see that a few thousands of savages can blackmail the international community, the superpowers and bring democracies to their knees. Many of them are watching now and many of them are very happy about how the world is responding. And many of them are satisfied to see the state of confusion and fear and anxiety. “This is the time to get united. Because if Israel fails in Gaza, all of us will be next.”

Yousef maintained that Hamas’ crime on Oct. 7 should not be forgiven and that the innocent blood shed in the war since is part of the terror group’s plan to make Israel look bad.

“So Israel now got stained by blood. This is what Hamas wanted to happen from day one. They wanted to sacrifice thousands of children so Israel can take the blame. Digging tunnels and bunkers under hospitals, schools … Hamas misfired. How many people killed at the hospital and they went so fast to blame Israel and the rest of the world listened to them and listened to their propaganda?” Yousef said. “Nobody’s concerned to check what is true and what is false; whatever that serves our political and short-term interests we go for it. Suicidal. Not knowing that we are going against evolution; we are going against the collective consciousness of humanity.”