Son Sends Family Into Shock After Murdering Father 

A New Jersey man has been arrested after authorities alleged he murdered his father on Christmas Eve.

According to court records, 33-year-old Kyle Meyer killed his 61-year-old father, Gregory Meyer, in Boonton Township. Multiple sources revealed that the 33-year-old killed his father using an ax and a battery-operated pole saw.

Authorities discovered the victim’s body at the family’s home, along with the blood-stained ax and a battery-operated pole saw. The medical examiner’s external examination of Gregory Meyer’s body indicated that the 61-year-old’s leg had wounds consistent with an ax strike. The wounds to the victim’s head, fingers and hands were consistent with contact with the pole saw.

Investigators said fabrics found on the pole saw matched the jacket the victim was wearing at the time of his murder. Authorities also revealed that blood was found in the basement as well as on the stairs leaving the basement and leading up to the suspect’s bedroom.

Gregory Meyer’s mother, who was at the home at the time of the murder, said both men were involved in an intense argument before a scream and chilling silence followed. The victim’s mother said she called her daughter, who arrived at the basement of the house to find the gruesome murder scene.

The family, in a GoFundMe page, said Kyle suffered from mental illness and alcohol and drug use.

“Greg was greatly loved by his friends and family and we are grieving his death. Our family believes it lost Greg’s son Kyle many years ago when Kyle gave himself over to alcohol and misuse of drugs legal and illegal. That misuse lead to recurring periods of delusions and extreme paranoia, making him think others were out to kill him. Greg was a loving father who tried to help. Our family was told Kyle could not be committed against his will unless he made threats—we want to warn other families that mental illness should be taken seriously, and those with delusions of paranoia can be a violent threat waiting to happen.”