Suspicious Powder Sent To Kansas Republicans

Republican members of the Kansas state legislature received suspicious white powder, according to that state’s law enforcement. According to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI), about 100 Republican officials received the powder.

Members of the state legislature and the state attorney general’s office received the letters over the last week. By last Friday 30 such letters were received, which increased to about 100 by Sunday.

Several prominent Kansas Republicans received the substance, including state Attorney General Kris Kobach (R) and state House Speaker Carrie Rahfaldt (R).

State officials told Kansans to be suspicious of receiving items in the mail as the preliminary investigation found that the powder did not appear to include “common biological agents of concern.”

According to law enforcement, letters with postal return markings from Topeka and Kansas City were mailed to the officials. Kansas officials stated that so far there have been no injuries caused by the letters.

The KBI is being assisted by the FBI in the investigation. The FBI said that it had “responded to incidents involving suspicious letters in Kansas.”

Kansas state Sen. Molly Baumgardner (R) said that the letters contained “some message. The message is somewhat unclear, but it was intended to be threatening,”

“Kansas legislators that are Republican are being targeted,” she said.

The letter allegedly included a message that stated that it was important for the recipient “not to choke on your ambition” and described the powder as a “gift.” 

The author referred to themselves as “your secret despirer.”

State Rep. Steve Owens (R) said that he also received a letter, which included a white powder. He described the experience as “terrifying.” 

“It was very deliberate, very intentional to get us to open the letters,” he said.

He thanked first responders for their swift action, saying that “words can’t describe my gratitude after this event.”

The investigation that began in Kansas may grow significantly. Federal law enforcement is looking into allegations that a similar letter and powder were sent to former President Donald Trump and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.