Teachers Lament Students As Old As 11 Not Being Potty-Trained

Teachers in the United States and Switzerland describe what they consider a worrying trend of their students not being able to use the toilet by themselves, including those as old as 11 years old.

The head of the Swiss Federation of Teachers said that students are entering kindergarten at age four, and as such “you might actually find some still in diapers.” The official said that some students were as old as 11 and still in diapers. 

The New York Post cited an educational scientist who described a trend to not potty-train their children “because diapers are a convenient relief.” 

“It’s not seen as a problem these days,” the researcher, Margrit Stamm, said. “That sends a totally wrong message.”

Another Swiss childhood expert said that the number of children wearing diapers in school has “skyrocketed.”

The Swiss teacher’s union official said that parents “have a responsibility to make sure their school-aged kids aren’t wearing diapers anymore. Teachers aren’t there to change their students’ diapers. That’s crossing a line.”

Swiss teachers are not the only ones to find the trend of diapers in school. 

A Buffalo teacher’s union official said in 2019 that a number of students are entering preschool without being able to use the toilet, adding that teacher’s aides are being expected by parents to change their children’s diapers. 

He described 43 students in Buffalo schools in both kindergarten and pre-school “that are actually being embarrassed, stigmatized, teased by their peers.”

So many students were entering Buffalo schools without being potty-trained that the school had to prioritize it as their ‘number one concern.’ 

The school district had no policy or procedure in place to either handle the students’ diapers or teach them how to use the toilet.

The concerns over toilet training are not the only ones related to the falling expectations of students. The conservative group Campus Reform outlined more than a generation of declining educational standards.

Many conservatives criticized efforts since the 2020 death of George Floyd to reduce educational standards as part of equity programs.