Ted Cruz Slam Mainstream Media For Prompting Pro-Hamas Propaganda 

With pro-Hamas sentiments on the rise in the U.S., Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) slammed the mainstream corporate media for promoting Hamas propaganda that led to those sentiments.

Cruz singled out CBS, ABC, and NBC in his criticism after the media outlets promoted a propaganda video from a known Hamas supporter, Saleh Aljafarawi. Aljafarawi is a well-known Hamas-linked social media influencer, crisis actor, and propagandist for the terror group. 

Aljafarawi posted a video on social media showing him running around the al-Shifa hospital with blood on his hands and screaming. The Hamas propagandist then ran to a little girl who was covered in blood and screaming. CBS, ABC and NBC promoted Aljafarawi’s apparent propaganda, using the video in their reports while accusing Israel of bombing the hospital.

Cruz blasted the media outlet for promoting Aljafarawi’s video while accusing all three networks of lying on behalf of terrorists.

“Ben, there’s one of two scenarios,” Cruz said. “Either CBS, ABC, and NBC knew who he was. In which case they’re deliberately lying to the American people and saying let’s take a Hamas propagandist and put it on the global stage. If they knew, the producer who put this segment together should be fired. Or the alternative is they didn’t know. If they didn’t know, it means they had a political narrative they wanted to tell. They had a political agenda, and it was too good to check. They got a video that fit their political agenda, let’s put it on the news. And you know what, if they didn’t know it means they’re biased and incompetent. They ought to be fired anyway.”

Cruz urged CBS to do a story on Aljafarawi that tells people who he really is. 

“CBS, if there’s one principled journalist at all of CBS, do a story on who this guy is, and how CBS was complicit in spreading his lies,” he said. “That won’t be easy, it will make it will be very uncomfortable because it will make you look like crap.”