Ted Cruz: Weiss Inappropriate Person To Be Special Counsel 

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined a host of Republicans criticizing the appointment of U.S. Attorney David Weiss as special counsel in the Hunter Biden Investigation. 

The Texas lawmaker maintained that Weiss is inappropriate for special counsel in the case.

Cruz, while speaking in a Sunday interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures,” described Wiss’ appointment as a camouflage, disgraceful and a cover-up.

Cruz accused David Weiss of spending the last five years covering up the investigation against Hunter.

“For five years, the investigation has gone nowhere other than to protect Hunter Biden and Joe Biden,” Cruz said. “Not only that, David Weiss is the one that is subject to two whistleblowers complaints from senior career IRS officials who came forward. They said they’ve never seen any investigation like this in their entire time in law enforcement. They said lawyers working for the Department of Justice, lawyers working for David Weiss protected the Biden Family. …They gave heads up to Hunter Biden before search warrants were executed, presumably so that he could hide incriminating evidence.”

Cruz also noted Weiss did not allow investigators working under him to ask questions relating to the “Big Guy” and President Joe Biden’s alleged corruption.

Cruz maintained that Weiss was either an active participant in covering Hunter’s criminal actions and protecting the president or that the prosecutor was not entirely in charge of the case.

“He was so weak that he could not stop the partisans and main justice from turning it into a political effort to protect Joe Biden,” Cruz added. “Either case, he is a wildly inappropriate person to be a special counsel. We should have a special counsel. We should have a special counsel to investigate Merrick Garland for whether he lied under oath to Congress in response to questioning from me …and whether he committed obstruction of justice.”