The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Hunter Laptop Reveals Dirty Wikipedia Move

Latest revelations from Hunter Biden’s laptop showed that the first son hired a public relations firm to whitewash his public image on Wikipedia.

According to the email, Hunter and his business associates worked with several digitally focused public relations firms to make his personal Wikipedia entry and Ukrainian energy firm Burisma’s entry appear more favorable. The PR firms were brought in to change the first son’s work history with Burisma and his previous experience. The firm also strongly emphasized Hunter’s charitable work with the World Food Programme.

In May 2014, Hunter and his partners hired FTI Consulting to boost Burisma’s public relations strategy. The email showed that Hunter hired FTI shortly after being appointed to the Ukrainian energy firms’ board. 

Hunter also worked with Eric Schwerin and FTI consultant Ryan Toohey to improve his personal. Schwerin is one of Hunter’s business partners and president of the first son’s investment firm used to launder money, Rosemont Seneca Partners. 

“Ryan- below is a start. Eric is my partner and cc’d- he’s going to make additional edits. Also this doesn’t include anything I’ve done professionally in the past seven years including being of counsel to Boies Schiller or Chairman of Rosemont Seneca Partners,” Hunter Biden emailed Schwerin and Toohey on May 22, 2014, while suggesting edits to his Wikipedia entry.

Toohey then emailed Hunter Biden and Schwerin a link with the first son’s updated Wikipedia entry on May 29, 2014.

Several accounts worked on editing Hunter Biden’s Wikipedia page, including “AmeliaChevalier.” AmeliaChevalier edited Hunter’s page on May 28, 2014, removing the first son’s links to Ponzi scheme financier Allen Stanford while replacing them with his work for the World Food Program affiliation.

Several anonymous accounts edited Hunter’s page over the next few weeks, with one user deleting criticisms of Hunter Biden’s work for Burisma. 

“Please see attached a document that shows a recent edit made to Hunter’s Wikipedia page,” Toohey wrote in an email to Hunter and Burisma executives. “A German-based user deleted the entire section on Burisma. There was no editorializing, just editing to cut that piece. We are going to edit it back to include that piece but limit the positive references to Burisma’s reserves and production and just state the facts of the appointment.”

Hunter’s efforts to clean his image have failed as the first son has been caught in several corrupt allegations involving him and his father, President Joe Biden.