This Hamas Barbaric Attack On Israeli Children Will Shock You


Reports emerged on Tuesday, showing some of the worst barbaric acts carried out by Hamas terrorist militants following Saturday’s deadly attack on Israel. 

In what many have described as the deadliest assault on Jewish existence since the holocaust, Hamas militants attacked Israel on Saturday, leaving over one thousand innocent civilians —including women and children— dead. The terrorists also took several Israeli and American citizens hostage in the attack.

However, reports have emerged that Hamas terrorists committed their most barbaric act when it attacked Kibbutz Kfar Aza, an Israeli farming community of around 750 people just a few miles from the border with Gaza. 

According to the reports, the terrorist group killed around 40 babies, with many of the children beheaded. Israeli Major General Itai Veruv told CNN correspondent Nic Robertson that the Hamas terrorists killed the children in front of their parents before proceeding to kill the parents.

“What I saw, hundreds of terrorists in full armor, full gear, with all the equipment and all the ability [to] make a massacre. Go from apartment to apartment, from room to room and kill babies, mothers, fathers in their bedrooms,” Veruv said. “… They locked themselves in the protection rooms of their houses and people were out with their children and they killed them. They killed babies in front of their parents and then killed the parents. They killed parents and we found babies between the dogs and the family killed before him. They cut heads of the people.”

Veruv added that while he had all the skills required to be a soldier, nothing prepared him for what he saw in the settlement when the Israeli fighters took the farming community back from the terrorists. 

“I have heard during my childhood about the pogroms in Europe, the Holocaust, of course. All my family came from Europe, they are survivors. But I never thought I would see in my eyes pictures and things like that,” Veruv added. 

Robertson confirmed Veruv’s account in a report noting the casualties from the number and victims of the attack. 

“There were so many murdered members of this Kibbutz. Men, women, children, hand bound, shot, executed, heads cut,” Robertson claimed in a report from the scene.