Trump Bags Major Endorsement

In what will surely be a good sign for the GOP, The International Union of Police endorsed former President Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential election.

In a press release, IUPA President Sam Cabral announced that the organization’s executive board of directors all agreed to endorse the former president.

“President Trump’s history of support for the men and women of Law Enforcement is unmatched. His policies and actions were directed at improving safety in our communities and the men and women who provide that shield,” the release stated.

Breitbart News reports that The IUPA is the first national law enforcement group to back Trump in 2024. The organization, which was founded in 1979, released a statement criticizing elements of the democratic doctrine that had tragic effects on communities.

“Much of the Democrat’s doctrine supports defunding the police; favors sanctuary cities, open borders, and reduced accountability for criminal behavior,” the statement reads. “The tragic result is apparent in those cities who have embraced these policies, the unfortunate forced business closures and plight that followed.”

The IUPA also noted that police departments are losing officers at an alarming clip, leading to a diminished presence, and that Trump will address the issue if he wins the November election.

“We firmly believe that Donald Trump can and will address these issues effectively while reinstating the confidence of a safe and prosperous United States of America,” the group said.

Breitbart also reports that Trump had the group’s support in 2020 and also bagged the endorsement of the National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and the National Association of Police Organization (NAPO) that same year.

The NAPO endorsement came in when the country staged protests and riots following the death of George Floyd, which led to anti-law enforcement sentiment and calls to defund the police. According to a poll, the endorsement comes after Americans listed crime as their number one concern this election year.

In the survey, participants were asked to discuss their opinions on the top three issues facing the country. Out of the 20 topics that were brought up in the responses, the top three were economy at 38 percent, followed by immigration and border security at 36 percent, and crime at 19 percent.

The survey, which was conducted between January 31 and February 2, had 1,402 participants.