Trump Describes DeSantis As ‘Disloyal’

Former President Donald Trump criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) as “disloyal” in his interview with Fox News host Bret Baier this week. The former president credited himself for DeSantis’ election as governor.

Trump called the Florida Republican “Rob DeSanctimonious,” who which Baier asked the former president why he used the nickname. 

“I got him elected,” Trump said. “And I thought it was very disloyal when he said ‘Yes, I’d run.’ I got him past two races.”

The former president called himself a “big loyalist” and that others told him that loyalty “doesn’t mean anything in politics.” 

However, Trump said that “to me it does.” 

“I got the guy elected,” the former president said. He further described DeSantis’ 2018 run for governor as “dead politically” prior to an endorsement in the Republican primary.

Trump said that DeSantis came to him “weeping because he was dead. He was getting out of the race. He was looking for jobs already.”

The former president described DeSantis as running a “horrible campaign,” similar to a “wipeout.”

“The election was going to be very soon,” Trump said. “I said you are dead. If George Washington endorsed you are not going to win.”

Trump said that his endorsement was “like a bomb went off.”

The former president then said that DeSantis could “be replaced.” “He is dropping like a rock” in the polls, he said.

This is not the first time that the former president criticized DeSantis in such a manner. Trump said at a campaign event in January that if DeSantis entered the 2024 Republican primary it would be a “great act of disloyalty.”

Trump’s comments come as the former president holds more than 20% lead over his next closest rival. A new CNN poll places Trump at 47% support nationally, while DeSantis comes in second at 26%. Former Vice President Mike Pence ranked third at 9%.

DeSantis did not register any increased support since the last poll, but the former president lost 6% support since May.

The news comes as both candidates announced campaign stops in New Hampshire next week.