Trump On Biden Xi Meeting: Our leader is a stupid person

Former President Donald Trump described his successor, President Joe Biden, as a stupid person following the president’s meeting XI Chinese leader Xi Jinping.
Trump, while speaking on Saturday at an Iowa rally, said Biden attended the meeting looking like he had no idea where he was.
“Crooked Joe Biden was in San Francisco for a summit with China looking like he had absolutely no idea where he was, what was happening, what the hell he was supposed to do,” Trump stated. “He walked up with a man who looks like a piece of granite, right? He’s strong, like granite…I know him very well, President Xi of China…these are very smart people. But they’re dealing with very stupid people. Our leader is a stupid person…This is the guy we have keeping us out of nuclear war.”
The former president also spoke on his four indictments, noting that he has been indicted more times than infamous crime boss Alphonse Capone.
“And by the way, I’ve been indicted more times than Alphonse Capone. He’s the most vicious of all gangsters…He was indicted one time, I was indicted four times. Once I got indicted the first time though, I said now the gloves are off,” Trump said. “Because out of respect for the office of the presidency – very important – I never hit him this hard. But now I say it. He’s the most incompetent president we’ve ever had.”

Biden has been heavily criticized for showing incredible weakness during his meeting with Xi. Founder and CEO of American Majority Ned Ryun told Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” that Biden’s failure to hold China accountable for its previous actions was a show of weakness.

“I’m just struck by the incredible weakness that’s being displayed right now that Biden’s having to ask Xi to stop the flow of fentanyl coming into our country and begging him to stop that” Ryun said while suggesting that Biden’s reluctance to hold China accountable for its past action is because of the money his family has received from Chinese companies.