Trump’s Legal Woes Could Get Worse 

Former President Donald Trump, along with Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, could find themselves in legal trouble after a phone call emerged where they repeatedly offered to provide lawyers to two Michigan canvassers, urging them not to certify the results of the 2020 election.

Former federal prosecutor Harry Litman on Friday told CNN’s “News Central” that he believed the phone calls might be considered bribery.

“It really is a piece with the infamous phone call to Raffensperger. One key difference, these two canvassers, one has since died, played ball, they came back the next day and tried to rescind the votes,” Litman said. “It feeds totally into Jack Smith’s case, which already concerns Michigan. This call is not in there, but we have to expect that they have it. In addition, it is a state crime almost certainly because Michigan law prohibits bribery, getting a public official to try not to do their duty by offering something of value. Here, that would be a lawyer because they knew, everyone knew, it would be needed. So this is hot water all around.”

The former president is currently trying to get all January 6 protest-related charges against him with the argument that he is immune to those charges under the provisions of presidential immunity.

Litman dismissed the former president’s argument, adding that Trump was acting as a candidate on Jan. 6, 2020.

“This is the claim he is trying to make now with the Supreme Court saying, even if I didn’t, because it was my official duties, you cannot convict me or indict me, that’s not going to fly because he’s not acting as president here. He’s acting as a candidate. Ronna McDaniel is trying to say, ‘We were just looking into things.’ but that does not fly either because she is exhorting them not to do their job. They were not looking into things. They were actually trying to stonewall the legal process.”