Trump Says It’s ‘Sort Of Foolish’ To Attend GOP Debate

Former President Donald Trump could miss the first GOP presidential debate coming up on August 23.

Trump, in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, said he has not made a decision on attending the primary debate. The former president, however, thinks it would be stupid to participate in the debate. 

“I feel it’s sort of foolish to be doing it,” Trump said. “I think it could be stupid—it could be a stupid thing to do. But I have not made up a decision. I don’t mind doing them. I like to do them—I enjoy them actually and I think they’re a good thing. But when you’re leading somebody by 50 or 60 points, I think doing it might be foolish.”

Trump is the GOP front-runner for the 2024 presidential election and is heads and shoulders above his Republican challengers for the GOP ticket. Trump noted that his colossal poll lead over his GOP challengers would make it almost foolish to do them. 

“But when you’re leading by 50 and 60 points against these people, and you have people at zero, and 1 and 2—and then they’re going to be asking me hostile questions and they probably won’t have much of an audience if I’m not in the debates according to what I read,” Trump said. “If I’m not in the debates, then they’re not going to have a very big audience. It seems almost like it would be foolish to do them.”

Fox News is set to host the August 24 debate, and Trump sighted the network’s hostility towards him as another reason why he might not attend the debate. Trump suggested that Fox News’ Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, as well as the other candidates, could become hostile towards him. Baier and MacCallum are the moderators for the Milwaukee debate.

Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr. is also skeptical about his father’s participation in the upcoming debate. The former first son told Breitbart News that he was torn about the decision. 

“Listen, I’m torn on it. I mean, the meme general in me wants to see it because I know he’ll do great,” Trump Jr. said. “At the same time, am I gonna give, you know, Asa Hutchinson polling at .01 percent, you know Chris Christie, polling at 1 percent, you know, a three-hour window to basically crap all over you?”

Trump Jr. argued that the other candidates could all come after his father because they would need to beat him “to be the man.”

“It doesn’t seem like [an] intelligent strategy. So I’m torn in the sense that I want to see it because I know my father will do well, just like he crushed you know, on the CNN town hall,” he said. “As a strategist, like, do you give every loser who’s looking to become the conservative voice of CNBC, like you give them the chance to try to dunk on you for three hours? It doesn’t seem all that intelligent.”