Trump Slams Fox News Ratings During Interview

Former President Donald Trump criticized Fox News’ ratings during an interview with the network’s Bret Baier. Trump made the comments during a heated exchange with the host.

The exchange came during a number of pointed questions and answers between the Fox News host and the former president. Baier referenced Trump’s assertions that charges against in multiple cases were ‘political witch hunts.’

“Of course, of course,” Trump said.

Baier asked Trump about the voters “who really liked many of your policies” but who do not like “the scandals or controversies or the name-calling and the vitriol.”

“Based on the polls, I’m leading Biden by a lot,” Trump said. “Based on the polls, I’m leading all of the Republicans by a lot, by 40 points and more. Right now, I have the best polls I’ve ever had. People see this stuff for what it is. It’s a political witch hunt.”

Baier said that more “independent voters watch Fox News than any other TV source.” Trump replied that a “lot less” people watched the network. 

“They do watch,” said the host.

“A lot less, Bret,” said the former president. 

Baier responded by saying that independent voters who watch the network “usually make up all the difference in the election.”

Trump’s interview with the network received considerable attention, especially related to the federal charges pending against the former president.

The president focused on the role of the National Archives and Records Administration in the investigation surrounding his possible possession of classified documents.

“Because I had boxes. I want to go through the boxes and get my personal things out,” Trump said. “I don’t want to hand that over to NARA yet. And I very was busy as you’ve sort of seen.”

The former president said that the boxes shown in photos released by federal prosecutors included a number of personal items, including clothes. 

“Before I send boxes over, I have to take my things out,” he said. “These boxes were interspersed with all sorts of things.”