Trump Vows To Take Witness Stand During Mar-A-Lago Trial

Former President Donald Trump has vowed to take the witness stand during his upcoming trial in the Mar-a-Lago case. 

Trump, during an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday, said he would “absolutely” testify in his own defense if he goes to trial.

“Oh, yes, absolutely,” Trump told Hewitt, confirming that he would take the witness stand. “That, I would do. That, I look forward to, because that’s just like Russia, Russia, Russia. That’s all the fake information from Russia, Russia, Russia. Remember when the dossier came out and everyone said ‘oh, that’s so terrible, that’s so terrible,’ and then it turned out to be it was a political report put out by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. They paid millions for it. They gave it to Christopher Steele. They paid millions and millions of dollars for it, and it was all fake. It was all fake.”

The former president’s revelation comes after reports emerged that Yuscil Taveras, the Mar-a-Lago IT director who flipped on Trump in the classified documents case, has struck a deal with the Special Counsel Jack Smith. 

Taveras —who, according to Daily Mail, is a part-time DJ and registered Democrat with a history of money troubles— made the deal after Smith’s office threatened to prosecute Taveras for lying to a grand jury.

Filling from the Department of Justice showed that Taveras initially denied any knowledge of an alleged plot to wipe incriminating CCTV footage from a server at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. The part-time DJ and registered Democrat dropped his lawyer and changed his testimony after receiving a letter from Smith’s office threatening him with prosecution.

However, Taveras’ former attorney —Stanley Woodward— argued that the prosecutors’ handling of the IT manager’s testimony was improper. Woodward claimed that his former client provided new testimony to the grand jury only after being offered a non-prosecution deal. Woodward revealed that the deal was made after he stopped representing Taveras.