Tucker Carlson Goes Off On The Federal Government Over UFO Lies 

Former Fox News Host and co-founder of the Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson, went off on the Federal government over its lack of transparency regarding unidentified flying objects (UFOs). 

Carlson, on the latest episode of “Tucker on X,” blasted the federal government for hiding information about UFOs for the last 80 years. 

“Federal agencies have been lying about UFOs for more than 80 years, this has been a coordinated effort. It is both highly time-consuming and very expensive. Many Americans have been hurt in the process. But what’s the point of this? Would it be a lot easier just to release the facts?” Carlson stated. “The conventional explanation for why they haven’t been released is that the U.S. government is lying about UFOs because the truth about UFOs is too scary to reveal — that they’re real. And our leaders wouldn’t want to panic the population. But that’s not true. In fact, it’s ridiculous.”

Carlson went on to explain how the federal government uses panic and fear as a tool to control the American people before adding that the only reason for the government’s lack of transparency is because it wants to hide its “crimes.” 

“Terrifying the population is what our government does best and most avidly. Officials regularly gin up irrational fears about COVID or white supremacy or Vladimir Putin or a dozen other topics as part of a pretty obvious control strategy,” Carlson continued. “It’s not like these people minded scaring you. They want to scare you and they do it everyday.  So why would they lie about UFOs? Well, because they’re covering up a crime, obviously, and it’s their crime. Someday we’ll discover what that crime is.”

The former Fox News host insists that the federal government tell the American people if government agencies have used tax dollars to purchase “advanced alien technologies.”

“Here are a few questions that honest lawmakers ought to be asking,” Carlson added. “Have government agencies used tax dollars to procure advanced non-human technology? If they have, where exactly is that technology now? Has it been used for profit? How exactly has the American public benefited from that technology? And then this question, the most pressing of all, has the U.S. government communicated directly with the beings that piloted these craft? Have American officials ever entered into any sort of agreement with them? And if so, what are the terms of that agreement? These are not random questions, they are informed questions. And at this point, Americans have a moral right to know the answers,” Carlson stated.