Tucker Carlson: ‘It’s Great To Get Fired’

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed that he was thankful for his firing while adding that it felt “great to get fired’”
Tucker made the revelation in an interview with Balázs Orbán, a top advisor to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. According to The Daily Caller, Balázs Orbán and the Hungarian prime minister are unrelated.

“This is my third time being fired as an adult, and I would recommend it to anybody … It’s great to get fired because it keeps you from being a truly horrible person,” Carlson said. “I mean, we’re all sort of horrible people because we’re people. But, getting fired, you know, the problem with men when they’re successful is they start to think they’re Jesus. It just happens. And you get this hubris like ‘I can do anything, I’m so important.’”
Carlson revealed that he is glad that Fox News fired him because it stopped him growing too egotistical and that getting fired reminded him he was just like everybody else.
“Getting fired reminds you that you’re just like everybody else,” Carlson continued. “You’re kind of a ridiculous person and you’ll die alone and terrified like every human being from the beginning of time and you’re just like everybody else and stop that. And that’s a really good thing to learn about yourself.”
Carlson is not the only member of his family who is happy with his firing. His wife is glad that he got fired.
“I think my wife is really grateful that I got fired also,” Carlson revealed.
Carlson added that he was also thankful that some of the people he worked with while at Fox News were also fired. The former Fox News host revealed that his executive producer, Justin Wells —who worked with Carlson for several years— got fired “two minutes” after he got fired.
The former host of Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” was fired from his role in late April and has since launched a new show on Twitter called “Tucker on Twitter.” Carlson, however, maintains that nothing has changed since his firing.

“My world hasn’t changed that much actually and I’ve been with the same woman for 39 years, and I have a very large and very close family, and the people I work with haven’t changed, and my dogs — we have a lot of dogs — they’re still there,” Carlson said. “So, my life hasn’t changed that much.”