Weiss To Indict Hunter Biden Before End Of September 

Special Counsel David Weiss has signified that he intends to indict Hunter Biden after five years of investigating the first son on various accusations, including allegations of tax fraud, money laundering, Unlawful possession of a firearm and making false statements on federal documents. 

Weiss made the revelation in a recently disclosed court filing, stating that he intends to indict Hunter Biden before the end of this month. In the filing, Weiss emphasized the need to adhere to the Speedy Trial Act, which mandates that the government secure an indictment from a grand jury no later than Friday, September 29, 2023, at the earliest. This development marks a significant development in the ongoing legal scrutiny surrounding Hunter Biden.

Weiss’ latest move comes after Republicans criticized the federal prosecutor for slow-walking the Hunter Biden investigation. Chairman of the House Oversight Committee James Comer maintained that Attorney General Merrick Garland’s appointment of U.S. Weiss as special counsel was part of a continuing effort by the Department of Justice to cover up the Biden family’s crimes

Whistleblowers from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), who worked on the investigation, accused Weiss of running a cover-up for Hunter Biden. The whistleblowers also accused Weiss and his team of prosecutors of allowing the statute of limitation on some of Hunter’s tax crimes to expire. 

Weiss’ appointment as special counsel was met with fury from Republicans who believed the federal prosecutor should no longer be in charge of the case. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) argued that Weiss was not appropriate for special counsel in the case. Cruz described Wiss’ appointment as a camouflage, disgraceful and a cover-up.

“For five years, the investigation has gone nowhere other than to protect Hunter Biden and Joe Biden,” Cruz said. “Not only that, David Weiss is the one that is subject to two whistleblowers complaints from senior career IRS officials who came forward. They said they’ve never seen any investigation like this in their entire time in law enforcement. They said lawyers working for the Department of Justice, lawyers working for David Weiss protected the Biden Family. …They gave heads up to Hunter Biden before search warrants were executed, presumably so that he could hide incriminating evidence.”